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Shooters World Ultimate Pistol Smokeless Powder

Shooters World Ultimate Pistol Smokeless Powder has no comparable market equivalent. It is faster in burn rate than Auto Pistol, and slower in burn rate than Clean Shot.

It is perhaps the most versatile of all propellants across the .380 Auto, 9mm Luger, .40 Smith and Wesson, .38 Special, 38 Super, and .45 Automatic cartridges. We have tested this propellant to a charge weight of only 3 grains in a .44 Remington Magnum with a cast bullet, and it STILL ignited well!

From a competition standpoint, Ultimate Pistols burn rate is similar to Winchester Autocomp. However, the burn rate modifier of Ultimate Pistol is incorporated within the propellant grain. This provides more reliable ignition and consistent velocity than competitor’s propellants of similar gas generation rate.

The grain geometry of Ultimate Pistol promotes highly consistent charging. With a volumetric powder dump, we have found total charge variation no more than “one tenth of a grain”. That’s +/- 0.05 grains.

The consistency of charging, deterrent location, burn rate and peculiar quality assurance testing of this propellant have proven to contribute to superior accuracy.

The gas generation rate of this propellant should enable 9mm Luger, .380 Automatic, .45 Auto, .38 Super, .38 Special, and .40 S&W loaders to reach “self defense” velocities, while maintaining reasonable pressure levels.

Ultimate Pistol also works well at reduced charge weights for low-recoil applications. Shooters World tests and publishes real-world starting loads for all of our pistol propellants. We purposefully take our test load charge weights down to failure; sticking bullets in our barrels, squibs, short strokes, stove pipes and every other ballistic anomaly. Then, we clearly annotate with published reloading data where a hand loader can be assured of starting success.

Ultimate Pistol does contain a level of flash suppressant.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4.125 × 10.5 in
Brand Shooters World Smokeless Powder
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